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Sangeeta - About meHello everyone, I am Sangeeta, a woman, a daughter, a wife, an advisor and most importantly a mommy. Being a mom is significantly a great feeling in itself and the bonding between a mom and child is undoubtedly the strongest relationship.


The objective of creating theridinggearon.com was to providing a vision to everyone about the importance of riding gears starting from a newborn, a toddler, a kid, a teen to an adult. For this purpose, I am here sharing my ideas and personal experiences which I have gone through these years.


Being a mom of a 8 year old cute boy, I always wanted to provide a foundation for mental and physical development to my child which can prepare to succeed in every stage of life in future. My observation says as children grow up, they follow the behavior and activities of the adults around them. Like they are taking a pen and a paper and imitating as if they are working in office like we as parents doing or they are trying to do cooking with their kitchen toys. Similarly, they are trying to drive on their ride on toys as the way we parents drive.

We as a parent should know that ride-on toys and other wheeled gears are having many advantages for children, starting from a toddler to young age. Riding gears are providing everyone with a wide range of opportunities to learn different skills which are important for their development. Along with that, these gears make us happier and entertain the most and we can see a big smile on their face. Riding gears help to develop lots of skills that kids and we as an adult uses throughout our life.

Nowadays kids are in more influence of Laptop, Tablet and mobile. They are spending less time in outdoor games which gives a bad impact on their development. So to divert their mind from these electronic gadgets, initially I was thinking that I can keep children happy by giving them expensive toys to play but I noticed that it was just my imagination. I observed that they are playing with a toy for few minutes then they get bored. But then I found a certain different response when I observe that they love to play with ride on toys and they are having endless hour of fun. They love to move around with their colorful riding gears of their choice. Trust me; our little one is not going to stop until he gets tired. Similarly, these riding gears are useful for us too in many ways from developing our strength and power to changing our way of living


If you ever have any query in your mind or if you need any sort of assistance about anything talked about here, I would love to give support about it. I would be happier to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the new ideas and observation that I come across that I know will catch your eye.

I also invite all that if you find any topic relevant or significant here on the site, then, be a part of discussion through e-mail(s) or comment(s). I will appreciate your initiative and admire your opinion.
I wish all the parents to choose appropriate ride on toys for their kids depending on their age group.

Thank You,

Founder of The Riding Gear on
email. sangeeta@theridinggearon.com

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